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  Cradle Carry 0-4 Months Kangaroo Carry Belly to Belly And Hip Carry
1. Find the seam – the curve, padded edge where the sling has been sewn into a continuous tube.
2. For Cradle Carry & Kangaroo Carry, with one hand holding the tag, fold the unpadded half inside itself by the other hand.
    For Belly to Belly Carry, fold the padded half inside instead.
3. This makes the sling into a two layered tube.
4. Bring the sling over your head and rest it on your opposite shoulder.
    The seam should be positioned over your belly button.
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1. Fold sling and put on non-dominant shoulder with padding on the outside. Line up seam under breast.
2. Hold baby with non-dominant arm and hand and cross baby’s feet.
3. Open the outer edge of the pouch so it clears the baby’s bottom. Line up the seam with the baby’s diaper.
4.Lower his bottom first, sliding back down your front. Baby’s feet will be crossed and on top of his or her body.
5. Slide baby down into the pouch. Baby should be between the two layers of fabric.
    Do not put baby’s head in until diaper is all the way at the bottom.
6. Cradle his head with the side of the pouch. Baby’s chin should not be pressed against his chest.
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1. Hold baby with his back towards you but resting/sitting above the sling. Cross baby’s legs
2.Open the pouch away from your body (by taking the outer layer of fabric and pulling it out).
   Begin to lower baby’s bottom first into the sling. (Keep baby’s leg crossed until his is wholly sits inside the sling.)
3.Adjust the fabric to be sure he is supported and that his legs are comfortably crossed in front of him.
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1. Put the sling on with the padding on the inside. Wear the sling on the shoulder of your dominant hand for this carry.
2. Line up seam with the opposite breast. Hold baby with his tummy on your shoulder.
3. With your baby facing you slide him down into the sling making sure that his feet are not caught in the sling.
4. Open folds of the pouch to make a seat. Drop baby into seat by lowering his bottom between layers of fabric.
5. Bottom padded rail should be under baby’s bent knees.
    If they are sleepy you can pull the sling up over their heads (for younger babies).
    Older babies may prefer to have their arms out.
6. Slide the baby over to your hip to make a hip carry (Slide the sling and baby’s bottom at the same time)
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1. Place a soft measuring tape at the outside edge of your shoulder in the middle (where your shirt seam is).
2. Then loosely drape the tape measure across your body down to the top of your opposite hip bone near your side.
    Give it some slack so that the tape measure is loose across your body and not pulled tight.
3. See where your measurement is on our sizing chart.
    Your size should be similar to your fitted t-shirt size, depending on your torso length.

Ask someone to help you or try to do it by yourself if you are still flexible enough to measure.

Place a soft measuring tape at the outside edge of your shoulder in the middle (where your shirt seam is). Pull the tape measure tight and come down across your back and around to your opposite hip bone. Make sure they come to the top of your opposite hip bone in the back but close to the side of your body as shown. The side to measure to is where the outside seam of your pant leg is. Then look to see where you fall on the sizing chart above. This size of sling you order should be similar to your fitted t-shirt size when not pregnant.


• Most women wear the same size sling as they do a fitted t-shirt. It is not an exact way to pick a size but it is a good hint to start.

• The slings will shrink approximately 1 inch when washed and dried on medium high heat. We highly suggest you to air dry your sling. You may want to order a size up if you dry your sling with heat drying machine.

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